Shipping, shopping, sizing and returns and more - all your most burning questions answered here!


Where do you ship to?

Anywhere a postman can get to! I'll ship to wherever you are!

How long will it take?

UK shipping is about 3-5 days, EU is up to a week, Australia is up to 3 weeks and America and nd he rest of the world is up to 2 weeks.

Can I have tracked or express shipping? I want it now!

Tracked or express isn't something I currently offer but I'm hoping to bring it soon!

Will I have to pay any import or customs fees?

Any fees depend on where you are so I'd check your local customs office before you buy so there no nasty surprises. 



How can I pay?

I accept most forms of online payment (not cash or cheque obvs) via the checkout page or PayPal 

Are you safe and legit or are you going to run off with my money?

I can confirm Chyvonne Le Monnier is 100% legit which is why that little McAfee symbol keeps following you around the site!

Can I pay in my local currency?

Chyvonne Le Monnier uses GBP so while you can pay in your local currency it will be subject to exchange rates 



How can I order?

Click on a product you like, hit add to cart, pay and you're done! It's that simple!

There's an error on my order/ I can't make an order!

Ahhhh! Email chyvonnelemonnier@live.com with full details and I'll fix it!

Can I change my order?

If you want to add something then purchase it as normal and email chyvonnelemonnier@live.com and let me know and I'll combine your orders as long as you haven't left it to too late the first order has already shipped. If you want to remove something then email me asap and l'll refund you for it, if the order has already shipped then you'll have to return it to me once you've received it. (See returns for more info)

Can I cancel my order?

:'( contact me at chyvonnelemonnier@live.com and I'll cancel it and refund it to you as long as it hasn't already shipped, if it has shipped then you'll have to return it to me once you've recieved it. (See returns for more info)

Can I return or exchange something? 

As long as it's not been worn, damaged or soiled then head to the Returns page for the full details! 

Where is my order?

If you've ordered but haven't received any order or shipping confirmation then get in touch at chyvonnelemonnier@live.com and I'll investigate, if it's been shipped please allow up to a week for UK orders, 2 weeks for EU, 3 weeks for rest of the world and 4 weeks for Australia in case it's got stuck somewhere. If you've waited longer than the above times, get in contact and I'll see what I can do :)

My gear arrived damaged/this isn't the gear I ordered??

If you've received damaged or incorrect products head over to the Returns page for full information on returning it and then email chyvonnelemonnier@live.com and I'll fix it right away!



Why is everything limited?

All of the products I sell are done in limited runs as being a small brand with big dreams I can't yet do runs of 1,000,000,000 like the bigger brands, also I have so many cool new prints in the works I don't want to spend all my time restocking old stuff, I want to give you the epic new stuff! The benefit for you is it means you have a very unique product as so far the prints were done in groups of 12 or 30 so you're unlikely to find someone else with the same thing!

I reaally want this top but it's out of stock! Will it ever come back?

The honest, heartbreaking answer is...no. Everything is limited runs and when it's gone, it's gone. If you want to make sure you don't miss out again, sign up to the newsletter to know when new prints are coming and when you can preorder them! Why is everything limited? The answer is above this question!

How will I know if it fits?

No one wants to order something good that doesn't fit which is why all the products have a Size Guide link under the description that opens up the full measurements!



What are your principles and morals? 

  • All fabrics and components will be as environmentally friendly as possible and I will use organic and alternative fabrics (e.g. hemp and bamboo) where possible. All packaging will be recyclable or biodegradable where possible.
  • Vegan leather or pleather will be used where possible and any real leather used will be sent a byproduct of the meat industry and no exotic skins or real furs will be used.
  • I will not encourage negative body image by using models who are unrealistic. I will showcase a range of healthy sizes and women and I will not discriminate on women based on their skin colour or any disability. 
  • I will only work with manufacturers who ensure their workers have a good, fair wage and lifestyle.

Why are you eco-friendly/why is it important?

You can't really avoid the fact climate change is happening and the earth is at breaking point, as someone who has always felt very close to nature I wasn't going to let my designs impact it negatively. Also have you tried finding cool, alternative fashion that mixes witchy styling with high end design and epic prints while also being environmentally conscious? That's where Chyvonne Le Monnier comes in. I know I'm not the only eco-friendly witchy person out there and I want to help save the planet and give people the epic clothes they want at the same time 

Why are you ethical/why is it important?

If you don't know what ethical fashion is, it's fashion that wasn't made using slave, child, or bonded labour. Ethical fashion is where the workers are payed a fair wage and given good opportunities and lifestyles instead of working insane hours in unsafe conditions for a few pounds a day. I've had people say to me "yes, but as bad as it is its not as bad as not having a job".... really? We're in the 21st century people! 'It's better than nothing'  isn't really cutting it for me considering these situations shouldn't even exist to begin with and if we'd had that attitude throughout history we would never have developed or progressed as a society. In the same way I didn't want to negatively impact the environment with my designs I don't want to be living my dream of running my own brand while someone else is living a nightmare and I don't think other people should suffer for profit margins. 

Where are your fabrics from and where are your products made?

Every product has a breakdown in the description of where it's from and where it was made so you can shop with transparency! 



How do I say Chyvonne Le Monnier?

Phonetically it's shiv-on lee mon-ee-er, it's not as hard as it looks!

What is "Chyvonne Le Monnier" ?

....it's my name



What does Chyvonne Le Monnier  mean?

Chyvonne is an another way of spelling the French version of Siobhan which is an Irish name, and Siobhan is another form of the name Joan which is the female version of John. As far as I know Le Monnier doesn't actually mean anything...anticlimax or what?

Are you French? 

No, and neither is my Mum, Dad, Nan or Grandad before you ask ;) 


I have another question!

If I haven't already answered your question feel free to email me at chyvonnelemonnier@live.com and I'll get back to you ASAP!