Collaborations, Promoters and Publicity

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In the works...

Chyvonne Le Monnier is due to be featured in I Love Goldie  Florum Fashion Magazine, and Sabat Magazine as well as with Rako Occult Art, Delilah - Sixth Essence and aalder



October 2016

My Black Unisex Constallation Tee was featured under the months Alt Fashion ❤'s at

August 2016

A local (South Wales) magazine featured my brand as part of their Shopping and Style section in their August edition. See the feature here!

September 2015

I was featured across Dark Beauty Magazine's social media accounts with an image from the collaboration with Delilah - Sixth Essence and IsaB Photography!

June 2015

Chyvonne Le Monnier was featured in Issue 34 of Rebelicious Magazine with a four page spread interview! See the interview here!



January - June 2016

Nina Luca and Scandalously She returned along with Katt Naz to promote the new summer tee's and Dani Vegas fell in love with the Black Unisex Slogan Hoodie!

July - December 2015

New faces appeared and old one's returned; Envy De Molay, YouTuber Dani Vegas, Nina Luca and Mynxie Monroe (returning!) showcased the new Black Unisex Deer Skull Tee, Delilah - Sixth Essence had a stunning photoshoot along with her interview with me that was later featured across Dark Beauty Magazine's social media accounts, and Scandalously She modelled the first hoodies I ever sold in a mini-shoot!



January - June 2015

The first promoters were brought on board with Karli KoffinAshley Joncas, Mynxie Monroe, Medina (former lead singer of Dead Honey), Lola Westwood and Jasmine Voigt all promoting Chyvonne Le Monnier.

Also in this period, ethical, cruelty free, alternative and vegan blogger Spiked Black Tee had the Mercury Tank Top as her #ootd, Sophie in the Sticks had a first preview of the new summer gear and blogger and model Delilah - Sixth Essence sent a stunning shot of her in the Mercury Tank Top ahead of her photoshoot.

Late 2014

The first ever bloggers to feature Chyvonne Le Monnier were ethical bloggers, British Empress and Sophie in the Sticks. British Empress wrote about how my brands principles and ethical morals are helping the wider world and Sophie had a mini-shoot to show off the Mercury Tank Top



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