My Story


So here's the origin story of Chyvonne Le Monnier...are you sitting comfortably? Lets begin...

Most fashion designers knew they wanted to be designing from a young age, not me. I was happy in my cargo pants and supermarket t-shirts and thought fashion was a waste of money. 

With an ironic turn of fate I was sent on Gifted and Talented courses by my Textiles teacher and began to realise there was more to this fashion malarky than I thought. Fast forward to 2012 and I was in uni in my first year of studying BA Hons Fashion Design and our lecturer was telling us about the less glamorous side of fashion; the bonded slave laborers who make our clothes and the fact that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry after the oil industry. Why? Why was this happening? It made no sense to exploit people and pollute the matter how beautiful a piece of clothing is, surely it shouldn't cause this much damage? 

And that was when it all began to slide into place. 

The next big turning point was when I spent a semester trying to design for a highstreet brand and failed abysmally, it was the most miserable period in my design history. At that point I decided I could never design through someone else's aesthetic and it was time to go my own way. 6 months later I'd designed a jet black dress with a print based on brain synapses wore it proudly while I pitched my idea for an ethical, eco-friendly brand selling gothic dreams made of fabric to 4 local businessmen who gave me a £500 grant to get this whole thang started. 

 The black dress where it all began

I got the grant in May and in September 2014 Chyvonne Le Monnier opened for business! After a bumpy start it was off and in June 2015 I graduated (my final collection included a 6 foot coat).

So where do I see this whole thing going? Well, have you ever tried to find awesome alternative clothes that are minimal and sophisticated...but also ethical and eco-friendly? I have. It doesn't really happen. So that's where this is going, I want Chyvonne Le Monnier to become a force of gothic nature showing that you can be morally sound and look incredible at the same time. At the moment it's all about prints but hopefully one day soon I'll go back to creating crazy dresses and enormous coats and they'll be flying across the world to you!

So sit back, relax and take a look around and most importantly;

May your darkest dreams come true