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Hello my devilish darlings!

With the shoot for the summer collection set for next month (there'll be a blog on that later in the month) I thought I'd sit down and go through the inspiration for my new prints! 

If you've read my last two blogs you'll know I wanted to design without preconceptions and without worrying what people would think, just designing whatever I liked and just see what came out of it. As I expected, I created my best prints to date!


My first print is called the Khepri Print, I actually designed it this time last year and never released it but I decided to revisit it. 

The original Khepri print from Summer 2015

I cant remember why I chose a Khepri but I liked the design I'd come up with, I just thought it was a bit flat and unexciting. I'd been wanting to try shading and progressing my digital drawing skills so I decided to try and shade the wings, it came out a lot better than I expected and I then tried to shade the khepri....which didn't go so turns out beetle shells are harder to render than I expected! 

I decided rendering a beetle wasn't going to happen and decided to play around with geometry and bold lines which I thought could be a cool contrast to the feathery wings. It took a hell of a long time to make the beetle geometric because I wanted it to be intricate and I was inspired by mandalas so I spent ages drawing lines and curves in Adobe Illustrator until I had the look I wanted. In the end the contrast was amazing and I was really happy with it. 

The final flourish was some half moons shapes to tie it all in and balance the image out against the sunbeams above the khepri's head.


The other print is called the Constellation Print and it was origionall a doodle I did while designing the Viking Dreamcatcher Print that I decided to make into something. The original doodle was a mix of the Tauren Constellation, geometric shapes and a bulls head. I wanted to try doing a geometric animal design inspired by tattoist, Minka Sicklinger, and my doodle was based on her work, when I sat down to make it into something I didn't think the block shapes worked and I was feeling more 'astral' so I decided to make it based more around the constellations. 

Although the design is inspired around the Tauren constellation it's not designed as a top for just tauren's, I wanted it to be a design for anyone so I stole the constellation wheel and stars from another design from last year I'd never used and added in the fox and wolf constellations, Lupis and Vulpecula, to make it more about animal constellations and zodiacs than one specific zodiac. 

The Celestial Print from Summer 2015 I stole parts from to make the Constellation Print

The bulls head was one of the most challenging things to design as I had to create shade and highlighting in one colour to keep it as a white design, I spent hours changing the shading and which bits were coloured until I got the balance right. I needed the horns to match the astral feel of the top and they looked very blank so I used an image of a Naja Necklace I'd seen on Pinterest years ago to create the horns binding in the middle of the bull's head. 

With the two constellations around the outside and the constellation wheel I was happy with what I had created :)


So that's how the summer prints came to be, I hope you guys love them as much as I do, I've been rocking my Constellation top quite a lot recently. They're made from organic cotton and they're unisex; ethical, eco-friendly and unisex - what more could you ask for? 

Until next time, 

May your darkest dreams come true



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