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The Melting Pot

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Hello, my devilish darlings!

I know it's been a while since I last spoke to you but in the mean time we've had a second collaboration with Mynxie Monroe, been featured across Dark Beauty Magazine's platforms with Delilah - Sixth Essence, started a new ongoing collaboration with YouTuber Dani Vegasreleased our first ever winter mini-collection and we have a collaboration with Scandalously She and features in Florum Fashion Magazine, I Love Goldie and SALM Fashion in the pipeline!

Today I thought I'd show you how our two newest prints - Viking Dreamcatcher and INAOTD - came to be!

If you've been following us for a while then you might have seen the INAOTD print before, I was originally meant to be released this time last year but for various reasons we ended up going on a hiatus and it was left on the sidelines. 

Back in 2014 when the INAOTD print first appeared as a sweatshirt design!

This print came about when I was thinking about how I've always been more drawn to the evil characters in Disney films as they tended to have the most interesting backstories and motivations (and songs!) and how they always wore black and lived in dark places. 

 In horror films the monsters/murderers/black sheep always hide in the dark and we're always told to be wary of the dark, but I've always drawn inspiration from it. I was always drawn to the darkness and skulls and the alternative because it was avoided socially but it held so much mystery and magic and provided such a wealth of inspiration! So, as you do, I wanted to find a way to express this, and thus, the INAOTD print was made! 

Whether you wear it because you have a similar attraction to the alternative or just because it makes a badass addition to your wardrobe, the most important thing is to love and enjoy it!

The second print is the Viking Dreamcatcher print, like the INAOTD print this was left of the sidelines late 2014 until I revisited it earlier this year. It was originally called the Mandala print and looked like this:

 I thought it looked too stiff and rigid and I've been working on progressing my style lately so I decided to rework it. One thing I learnt from my degree is to never look to obvious places for inspiration; so when print designing it's obvious to look to print designers for inspiration, and while I do have a Pinterest board of prints I think are cool, I also use my Instagram to follow creatives I find inspiring such as jewelry brand, The Rogue + The Wolf, pagan supply and curiosity shop, Thirteen Curiosities, tattoo account, BLXCKINK, and as always my long standing muse, Ashley JoncasI make sure I'm constantly filling my head with inspiration so that when I sit down to draw I have a huge melting pot of inspiration to draw on.

At the time of designing I was feeling particularly inspired by the work of tattoo artist, Minka Sicklinger(and jealous of her customers). I decided to rework the Mandala print with the Viking Helm of Awe at the center of the design, the Helm of Awe is believed to be a spiritual compass to keep you on track as well as imbuing the wearer with unbelievable might. I worked the Celtic Tree Runes around the outside and used Minka Sicklinger's work to inspire the shape and aesthetic, I thought the final print looked like a dreamcatcher and with the Helm of Awe as the center piece I named it the Viking Dreamcatcher print!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about the process behind the prints, and as always;

May your darkest dreams come true, 



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