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Summer is finally on the way and we have our summer mini-collection ready to drop! Everything will be available to pre-order this Saturday and released on the 2nd May!

But before then, to whet your appetite let me introduce you to the new designs!

The Slogan Cropped Tee costs £17.99 and is available in anthracite, speckle grey and heather grey on a cropped tee so you can be fashionable, cool and summery all through the season! It’s also our first organic cotton top making it ethical and eco-friendly!

The anthracite slogan top is just as much of a statement as everyone’s favourite colour (black obviously) but a lighter, more summery version to get you in the mood for sun, sand and ice-cream. The speckle grey top is fashion forward and makes a more unusual statement than the anthracite top while still being soft and breathable. Last but most certainly not least, if you like things a bit more casual or you’re trying to get more colour in your wardrobe (grey is a colour so it counts…) the heather grey has the same statement design but in a subtler colour.

So what’s the story behind the design?

I’m really inspired by ancient symbols and how they were used and the Hamsa or Hand of Fatima is a personal favourite because of its design and meaning.

The first uses of the hamsa have been found in ancient Iraq with it slowly spreading through religions and countries over time. Back when all women were destined and aspired to become mothers, the very first hands were known as ‘the women’s hand’ as it was said to boost fertility and lactation, give healthy pregnancies and strengthen the weak…but fast forward to modern day and its main purpose is to ward off the evil eye.

The evil eye is a malicious stare that was believed to be able to cause illness, death or bad luck to someone. The hamsa hand is a right hand facing palm upwards to deflect the malicious intentions away from you. A hand with the thumbs pointing outwards is believed to ward off the evil eye and a hand with the thumbs inward is believed to bring good luck.

Whether or not you ever get given the ultimate dirty look, the hamsa hand slogan is feminine and fashionable and given a punch of attitude with the ultimate sassy comeback to match your badass attitude. Made from 100% organic cotton that’s free from harmful chemicals, ethically manufactured and delivered in a 100% degradable bag, it's soft on your skin and kind to the wider world! Everyone wins!

We hope to see you rocking our new gear very soon!



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