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Hello you venomous beauties!

If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (which you totally should be) you’ll have seen us talking about ethical fashion and what it is. But did you know Chyvonne Le Monnier is an ethical fashion brand?

“What is ethical fashion?” I hear you cry

Ethical fashion is fashion that isn’t made in sweatshops, the workers are paid a good wage they can live off and worker exploitation is cut out completely. Ethical fashion believes people are worth more than profit.

How do you make sure you’re ethical?

The screen printer we use is based in London so I know they’re being paid a good wage, the t-shirt supplier I use has strong ethical and eco-friendly codes of practice that ensure everyone from the farmer who grows the cotton to the seamstress who sews the tops together are paid a good wage and work in a safe environment.

Why are you ethical?

When I was coming up with the idea for Chyvonne Le Monnier, one thing that I didn’t want was for people to suffer for my designs. I don’t think someone having to work long hours for little pay is justifiable for cheaper clothes and bigger profit.

That’s all for now folks but stay tuned as we prepare to launch our summer collection!

Many your darkest dreams come true,




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