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Hello you venemous beauties!

I hope you enjoyed last weeks Whisper Challenge, if you missed it you can see it here.

This week I thought I'd tell you more about the summer collection coming later this year! So here's what you need to know

There are 7 new, unseen (but sneak peaked) designs coming out available in different styles and colours!

Unlike with the Mercury tank top where we released one design on one style of top in one colour these will be released on crop tops, t-shirts and a unisex top! So if you know a guy-friend who loves our gear he can join in on the badassery too!

Keeping with our love of all things all things dark there will different shades of grey and black rather than just black so you'll be able to choose your outfit for the day from a spectrum of darkness depending on how awesome you want to feel.

" I want to be subtly awesome, super awesome, epicly awesome or you-can't-handle-this awesome?"

Now the slightly sad part is that they'll be a very Limited first batch, which means there will only be a small amount of each design in each colour per size available, so it means you'll have to order them quick before they are out of stock because I haven't even decided if I'll remake them so they may end up being one-off limited...which is like SUPER Limited. But have no fear, I'll be giving you hot bosses plenty of warning of them arriving in store so you won't miss the release.

That's all I can tell you for now, any more and I'd have to kill you

May your darkest dreams come true

C x

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