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Hello you venomous beauties!

This blog is a little different today; the other week, I asked on Twitter and Facebook if you guys would like to hear about the designing I’m doing outside of Chyvonne Le Monnier for my university degree and quite a few of you were interested so that’s what this is about :)

I’m currently in my third and final year of university (eek!) studying Fashion Design, I hope that one day I can bring my own design clothes into Chyvonne Le Monnier alongside printed tops and leggings…but for now I thought I’d show you the fashion illustrations for my graduate collection.

The collection is called Warrior and it was inspired by ancient warriors (obviously) but also my empowerment and the idea of empowering yourself through clothes. I’m fascinated by people’s relationships with their clothes and how people use clothes to enhance themselves - my mini-dissertation was on people using clothes to create a perfect version of themselves. We all have a favourite jumper that makes us feel warm and cosy or that dress that makes you feel like a James Bond girl, and I wanted to create a collection that when you put any - or all - of the pieces on, you feel empowered and stronger.


I’m currently finishing toiling (making mock ups) the last outfit and they will be going into production soon. The whole collection will be finished and photographed by May so I’ll probably do another update then.

But for now, may all your darkest dreams come true

C x

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