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If you've been following Chyvonne Le Monnier for a couple of months you'll know that a really exciting Winter release was due at any moment...then it vanished...and so did the brand...and so did I... which means if you were one of those people who was excited to grab a Not Afraid of the Dark sweatshirt you're probably feeling a bit like Obama right now

To which I can only say

...I mean I've just given you an apology and David can't get better than that *gets all dreamy over David*

Anyway, what happened was that I'm in the middle of my final year of a university degree in BA (Hons) Fashion Design which is full I was trying to run a business and do a uni course at the same time, added to that I didn't decide to even make winter stock till well into November when most other shops were selling out and by the time I got the sweatshirts made and into store it would've basically been Christmas and too late

So I decided to temporarily shut down Chyvonne Le Monnier

Which actually went pretty well.

I've spent the last month and a half it's been shut talking to loads of business mentors and learning so much from them, I handed in everything for my uni deadline today *yay!* and I've been working on my designing for a big summer release to make up for it all, and rather than rushing it all out I'm going to have it professionally shot in a studio so not only will the tops be super cool, but the images will be too!

I’ll also be a lot more active from now on and I’d love to hear from you guys :D

Keep your eyes open for sneak previews coming in the next few weeks!

May your darkest dreams come true

C x

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