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Welcome to the new face of! As well as a new face there's also this lovely new blog and a new newsletter you can sign up to at the bottom of the homepage - don't worry, I promise not to spam you, I'll only send you newsletters full of things I promise you'll be interested in :)

Despite having been open for 1 month today (yayyy!) I realized I've never really introduced myself, so I thought I'd do a little Q&A with myself to help you get to know me;


 How do you pronounce "Chyvonne Le Monnier"?

Chyvonne is just another spelling of Siobhan (which is pronounced Shiv-on if you're knowledge of Irish names is a bit rusty) and Le Monnier is Lee's looks scarier than it is

Your name looks French, are you?

No, I'm one of those annoying has-a-French-name-but-isn't-French people who roam the Earth

So where are you from?

I was born and raised in South East England but two years ago I moved to South Wales where Chyvonne Le Monnier is now based.

You say you have certain principles, why?

I love designing and creating fashion and I love sharing my craft, but I'd hate to be doing it I knew it was negatively impacting the wider world. We've all heard about the horrors of sweat shops, imagine if you knowingly used a sweat shop and knew that people were working unreasonable hours for barely any wage just so you could sell stuff cheap...I couldn't sleep at night if I did.

What about the eco-friendly side, what's that about?

Whether or not you think global warming is happening, you can't deny we're very wasteful. Plus eco-friendly fabrics tend to be softer that normal one' you help the Earth and get better clothes - everyone wins!

What can we expect from Chyvonne Le Monnier in the future?

If you follow Chyvonne Le Monnier on Insta, Facebook and Twitter you will have seen me asking what you want to see next, I'm currently working on getting some new prints made on different products which should be coming soon. I also want to get leggings and scarves made and eventually launch my own design products like skirts and dresses.

Is it too late to have my say on what comes next?

No! Head over to one of my social media sites and let me know what you want to see :) You never know, your favourite might be hanging in your wardrobe in a months time!


If there's anything else you want to know about me or the brand send me an email at

See you soon,


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