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Hello my venomous beauties!

As the release of the new summer 16 gear is creeping ever closer I thought I'd take a moment to give you an idea of where Chyvonne Le Monnier is headed. 

I'm a nosy cow and I love knowing all the behind the scenes information and future plans for brands I'm interested in...maybe that's just me. 

Anyway, what can you expect to see?


At the moment your new gear turns up in a degradable silver bag, but being the eco-freak I am, I want to improve on it. Also, I've become a bit of a sucker for packaging lately so I'm up for redesigning it. At some point in the future I'm hoping to change to boxes, lovely black boxes. Why? Cardboard can be recycled which is better for the environment and if I can find recycled cardboard, even better. Secondly, it means your gear isn't creased when it arrives and it's just a much nicer experience to receive a black box as opposed to a silver bag....maybe I'll get some branded tape in on it to make it even cooler....maybe...

On the road

I'm hoping within the next 6-12 months to take Chyvonne Le Monnier on the road! If you're planning on visiting the Alternative and Burlesque fair in Bristol or London Edge in London (obviously) I may be seeing you there!

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New gear

As well as the new summer gear coming in the next month, I'm about to start planning the winter gear next month, it probably won't be hoodies this year but we'll see what happens and keep an eye out for it coming!

New designs

This may take a bit longer as my life is kind of in a state of flux and limbo at the moment, I'm waiting for change but everything could flip and change at any minute so this one depends on when my personal life settles down. I'm hoping to go back to the mannequin and start designing full garments again - skirts, tops, coats and all manner of black beauties and selling them online to you devilish darlings.

Throwback to my graduate collection of full outfits I designed

New faces

I have a massive list of people I'm hoping to get on board as promoters/brand ambassadors soon so keep an eye out for them (and by a lot I mean 30+) as well as magazines I'm going to be contacting and ethical/alternative directories I'll hopefully be popping up on soon! If you're interested in being a promoter/ambassador or in featuring Chyvonne Le Monnier in your work let me know! I'm always happy to work with new people and my list isn't definitive!


Now this one depends entirely on what you want, I've been thinking for a while of creating a newsletter, maybe monthly, of updates, moodboards, soundtracks, discount codes, sneak peaks etc just anything to do with Chyvonne Le Monnier....let me know if you're interested and depending on interest I might be appearing in your inbox shortly!

That's all for now, it's back to preparing for the summer launch and my normal day to day life for me,

May your darkest dreams come true



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